Being thankful, Day #8

Today i am going to express thankfulness for my brother.  Through all of my childhood he was the one constant.  While we tended to go our separate ways in regards to school and friends, he was always there.  In many ways i failed him as an older brother.  Looking back through my memories, i can only think of one time i ever stuck up for him.  I do not remember ever taking the time to spend with just him.  I don't remember ever being a mentor to him, or going out of my way for him.  This is not a good thing.  Still through it all, for some reason he has remained a good brother to me.

A few years back, my National Guard unit got activated with his.  Well, not entirely true, most of the guys in my unit were transferred to his, which was activated.  While i was not sent overseas with them, a lot of the guys in my unit served with my brother.  They were amazed at how different we were. and we really are very different.  Still, i am thankful that he is my brother.

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Anonymous said...

As I have said before - family is a huge thing to be thankful for.

As a child I don't think, even if you had to grow up quicker than most, that you can fault yourself for not being that great sibling! You were a child!

What matters now though is that you are that brother. The brother who prayers for his siblings, the brother who cares about his siblings, the brother who is there when needed, and the brother who learns as much from their siblings as they teach.