Some thoughts on the movie "GOOD SOIL"

A while back the movie "Good Soil" was brought to my attention. I picked it up from a friend's e-store, well because it has to do with my two favorite subjects... the samurai, and Christianity... and in this case it's about both! :-) For me the run time was too short, a mere 25 minutes, but in that time the writer and director (Craig Shimahara) has done a fabulous job of illustrating how tight a line it was to walk as a young faith, in a land where loyalty was paramount to all else. Especially loyalty to one's Shogun. The main character, Jinbei Masuda (played by Shin Koyamada, who apparently is a direct descendant of the Kakure Kirishitan), must walk out his faith as friends betray him, as fellow followers are led to their death, and faces his own death unless he denounces Christ and his faith. Mr. Shimahara tryies to illustrate the parable of seed being sown among the "four soils" (pathways, rocky, overgrown, good/rich) as expressed in the gospels. Where i would like to have seen the movie expanded some would be the expansion of these examples... but overall he keeps it focused where it ultimately needs to be. My little review here is inadequet to fully express how good of a movie i really feel this is. The on-line magazine - Kung Fu Magazine - has done a much better job. I would encourage any who would like to read a more in depth pieces to check it out. It is titled, "GOOD SOIL: LAST SAMURAI to First Christian Samurai" by DR. Craig Reid. To put it bluntly, i intend on showing each of my children this movie as they get older and are preparring to go out into the world. In my opinion, this is a good movie that most - if not all - Christians should see. Not as movie, or as important as The Passion of the Christ, but it is moving in it's encouragement for how a Christian should walk out his/her faith in Christ.


Jay Wood said...


Looking for a copy of Good Soil. Know where I can find one?

samurai said...

Greetings Jay. Unfortunately the DVD is out of production, and i have not been able to secure, confirmed, permissions to reproduce the movie in any fashion as of this note.

Unfortunately, you are not the first person to inquire about this. I will continue my efforts to obtain permissions, and to share it though.

I honestly feel that it is a movie well worth watching.

~ s4G