Being thankful, Day #27

I was a little stumbled on what to write about.  It can be pretty hard to come up with something for 30 consecutive entries.  Some may have noticed i have not had an entry for my Beloved yet.  That is by design... i am saving her for last. :)  Like i always tell my kids when they eat, pace yourselves and save your favorite part for last.  That way the last memory you have of the meal will be of that deliciousness. :)

Anyway, today i wanted to write about how thankful i am for being creative.  Well, at least somewhat.  I enjoy writing, and i enjoy sketching.  But in neither case am i able to just create something out of 'thin air'.  I have to have a base of some understanding, or vision of the object.  For example, my sketches are only of things i can see in front of me, either a picture of the item, or the object itself.  My writing is similar, i have often tried to create a setting up in my own mind, but it is very two dimensional, not very deep, thus my stories are based in genres and settings i am already familiar with.  Still, i am grateful for the ability to be creative.  In some very small degree it reflects an aspect of the Creator.  After all, we are made in His image, and to be able to reflect anything of Him is glorious to me.

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