Being Thankful, Day #3

Today i would like to express my thankfulness for DS2.  I refer to him as my Aspie, my Beloved refers to him as my "twin".  She often claims that she was just the host.  I am not quick to pick up on various traits.  Sure, i might notice hair color, or eye color if i am really lucky, but my beloved often is amazed by how many traits we share, and not just "personality issues".  8)  The shapes of our ears and feet are very similar, and with the exception of skin tone and hair color, she says there is no denying him as my son.  Not that i would ever want to.  

DS2 has a great personality, and an incredible laugh.  He enjoys music a LOT, and he has recently been asking to come with me on errands.  This is just awesome to me.  We don't often talk about deep things, but just having him close by has been really cool.  DS2 was a surprise only in that my Beloved and i had decided to no longer 'avoid' having another child, and God pretty much immediately brought this young man in to our lives.  He has brought with him a whole new set of challenges, completely different than DS1, but he has also brought a completely different type of blessing as well.

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Anonymous said...

I have four children and not one of them is really my twin. Actually non look like me. They all got my curly hair but that is about it.

Oh that isn't true I finally have a monkey who has my blue eyes, which actually put me over the moon!

Having a child who is similar to you is amazing if you let it sink in. You were so amazing in God's eyes He put most of you into another being!