Being thankful, Day #16

Today i am remembering a period of my life where i had a dog.  I was in High School, i had a paper route, and a few friends, but... Spaz was my best friend.  He was always there for me - despite, in hindsight, i was not the best dog owner.  We would play a lot, he would come with me on my paper route and keep me company.  He was a great dog.  A Welsch Corgi. When we were out on the paper route he would never bark.  Even when the dogs inside the houses would go insane.

Now, i don't want to get a dog, mostly because i don't want to be the only one to take care of it, and i am nervous how i would feel when (s)he would get old and pass on.  Still, i still am very thankful to have had those years with Lord Spastic of Grinbin.  He is missed.

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Anonymous said...

No matter how much I complain about my dogs. No matter how many times I say I will never get another dog. There is just something in me that loves them. When I had to put Sadie down (2008) I was devastated. We had not even had her for a year and she was a trouble maker but I loved her to death. Now we have Gracie and Puddles and I am thankful, even when they are naughty.

Losing a pet is hard. They are a part of your family. If you have never owned a pet (or suck as an owner) you really can't understand how a pet is a part of your family, but they really are.

I am glad you have had that at some point in your life! It does the soul good.