Being thankful, Day #7

Today i would like to express thankfulness for my sister.  I've spoken about her here in this blog before, and a lot of my perceptions were off base.  There is still a lot i do not know about her, but i do enjoy her company when our families get together.

She is 10 years younger than i am, having been born to my father and step mother.  She was born while my brother and i lived with them.  That is a cloudy time in my memory, mostly because there were a lot of court dates and she was, well, a baby. I do not have personal memories of what it was like for my step mom or dad, she under went open heart surgery at a very young age.   Over time i only saw her during my visits.  I have failed to take a lot of time to get to know her well, but she has always been a friend and encourager.  Now she has a family of her own, and although she lives like in another world, we still chat occasionally and get together for holidays.  While many may not see how i could be thankful for a sister i am not apparently in constant contact with, she has been a part and factor in my life since she came in to this world.  She has been a part that has helped shape me in to who i am, and for that i am very thankful to have her as my sister.

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Anonymous said...

I think family, even if you are not that close to them, are a huge blessing and a wonderful thing to be thankful for!

One of my good friends had a son who went through open heart surgery as an infant. He still has to have annual checkups (and just got to that point!).

Your sister sounds like an amazing person. I am so glad she has been in your life to help shape you into who you are!