Being thankful, Day #18

For my blog today i would like to share my thankful for my Beloved's job and career.  When we first met, she was in her senior year of college and i was a carpenter's apprentice.  We met, fell in love, and got married.  Early on she agreed to support me as i tried to attend college and get in to a viable career (i.e. one that i would not wear my body out too soon, and still be able to provide for our family).  She was an assistant manager for a fast food chain for awhile before she became a caterer - a job which she loves.  Well, i never did complete college.  I have over 60 credits, but when DS1 came along and i was trying to carry a full credit load, and work full time, it just didn't work out.  Well, she wanted to stay home with the children when DS1 (and subsequently DS2 and DD3), and i fully supported her in this choice. She stayed home until DD3 was in school all day.  She was beginning to get buggy and needed more outside interaction.  She had friends, fellow mothers, but she needed something a little more.  By God's grace she went back to the exact same job she left, which was her ideal job and she loves it.

We have been through a lot since she left the work force to be a SAHM.  The adjustment for our first child, new home owners, struggles with figuring out why DS2 was the way he was, my deployment, a diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis for DD3, and all the other things that go on with raising children and a husband who is in the military (even with me being in the reserves).  When she needed the challenge she was able to go back to doing things that she loved.  By God's grace we have not needed her to return to the work force, but it has been such a blessing.  She feels challenged, she is able to see her work bring about success and approval for her clients.  It has also been able to provide a buffer during this time of recession.  It may cause me some consternation to be so busy during this season of life, i can honestly say that it has improved our life together over all.  We may not know what the future holds, but i know we are happy with how things have turned out so far.

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A true blessing indeed!