Being thankful, Day #9

Today's post is going to be about being thankful for living in a country where i actively contribute in regards to who represents the country in the spotlight, i get to voice my concerns over things, even openly disagree with those who are elected to office.  There are other countries that have similar freedoms, some that have some of these freedoms, and some that have none of them.  This post is not to espouse the virtues of the United States and say what we have here trumps any of the other countries of the world.  This is about MY thankfulness of living in the country that i do.

There are many things that i do not like, officials i would rather not be in office, but that is OK.  I am allowed to be in disagreement.  My being in dissension (or agreement) does not make me right.  In many years gone by God allowed Saul to be the first King of Israel, God allowed Israel to be conquered and occupied at times.  I remember that Israel entered Egypt as friends, as equal citizens, only to eventually flee as displaced slaves with little more than the clothes on their backs.

To me, i am proud to be an American, and whether i am in step with her current leaders and their agendas or not, i am thankful to live here.

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Anonymous said...

A fantastic thing to be thankful for.