Being thankful, Day #14

This post is to express my thankfulness for my friend RAM.  We first met in High School.  I had a few friends back then, and i am fortunate to still be friends with some of them, but RAM is unique among them all.  RAM and i have hung out together pretty consistently ever since - going on over thirty years now.  He was the first person i told that i had enlisted in the Army National Guard.  I was sitting next to him when he made the decision to finally give in to the calling of Christ.  He married my Beloved's roommate from college.  His son and DS2 are best friends.  His daughter and DD3 still hang out often and are good friends.  I have him listed #1 as an emergency contact right behind my Beloved.  He has often been the first one i think of when things begin going South.

I am thankful for my friend RAM, because he has truly been a gift from God.  I would be happy if God allowed us to walk as friends the rest of all our days.

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Anonymous said...

This is a great post! I am often jealous of people who have had life long friends! I have people who I have known almost all my life but not close friends anymore. My husband has a set of friends like your RAM. It is a special bond and it is one that I am so thankful that others are able to have in their lives! I think there are some people who need that!