Why "Samurai's Dojo"?

I chose the title 'Samurai's Dojo' because i like to view myself as someone who is similar to a samurai in the pursuit of service to his lord. Just in my case, my Lord is Jesus Christ. The reference to a 'dojo' is that it refers to it being a place where i work out the things i am trying to learn. Websters defines 'dojo' as, "a school or practice hall where karate, judo, or other martial arts are taught." God's word is referred to as being "sharper than any katana "(Hebrews 4:12). On my blog i seek to apply God's Word to both my life and my observation of the environment in which God has me. Although i do not always blog about 'spiritual' things, i do always try to work out my faith and help myself learn more about what God may be showing me. I blog publicly mostly because i want to invite others to share and help me learn and perhaps, by God's grace, help others grow as well.

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GUNNY said...

Thanks for that. It's very interesting to know why you chose that title.

Keep your blade sharp, brother!