Being thankful, Day #10

Without a doubt my life was dramatically changed when i joined the Army National Guard in the summer of 1986.  But it may not be for the things that might pop into one's mind.  By the time i joined that days of D.I.'s Like R. Lee Ermey's portrayal in the movie Full Metal Jacket where mostly over. I was a High School dropout that did not hold a job for more than three or four months.  Finally employers were not take a chance on me.  So, while searching for yet another job i saw an ad for the Army National Guard.  Well, i needed money, so i answered the ad.  It took me over three months to get in.  The recruiter had to get papers regarding some therapy my mother had me (i know, a real shocker, eh? :P tongue), the ASVAB done (not a single score below 100:-B nerd), that sort of thing.  When i asked the recruiter what i could do, he told me pretty much anything i wanted to.  Not a great thing to tell a kid who has no clue about... well, pretty much anything.  I enlisted as a 'Heavy Weapons, Antitank, Infantryman'.  In hindsight, i literally could have done ANYTHING i wanted to in the military.  There are a lot of dream jobs that i would have loved to do, not the least of which would have to (have at least tried to) be a Special Forces Medic, or commo guy.  Personally, i would have loved that, but God had a different plan for me.  God used my time in the Infantry to really get me heading down the right path.  I was a Corporal and had my own antitank section in under two and a half years, and made Sergeant in under three.  I am completely honest when i say that my nickname was 'High speed, Low drag'.  I do not regret one day of my service.

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Thank you for your service.