Being thankful, Day #11

I served in the Infantry until shortly after i met my Beloved.  I transferred to a Military Police unit.  I am thankful for this time of my service because it provided a semi-relaxed 'tour of duty' for me to get to ease into being married.  I was still able to serve my country and my community.  It was here that i first served on a state mission - flood duty - and got a taste of serving my community in this capacity, and this it shaped me in different ways.  It didn't take long until i got the combat arms 'itch' again.  An MP has a role to play in the military, but i had the privilege of serving with some of the sharpest men in the Infantry.  Sure, they are generally rough around the edges and not thought of as being the 'brightest bulbs in the drawer' - but get in to a tight situation they always have your back.

So, i transfer back to my old battalion, but this time as a 'straight leg', a "crunchy" or "popcorn" as they are known by their armored or artillery comrades.  Here i learned the value of leadership in 'tight' situation, to think when the rest of the world is going to hell.  I never served in combat, but everything just short of where real lead gets thrown.  I also learned that my own body was not always able to cash checks that my mind wanted it to.  After going down with the heat several times i went back to the MP's.  I felt defeated and a failure, but i was still able to serve, and for that i was grateful.

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lovinandliving said...

Again thank you for your service!