Being thankful, Day #12

Finally, i am thankful for having been a Redleg, a United States Army Artilleryman.  When i finally attended BNCOC i met a recruiter from another state, and learned about the Artillery.  I was intrigued.  one thing led to another and i transferred units once again.  My first drill weekend with them it was pouring down rain, and when i say pouring i mean rivers of water flowed through the firing position.  The ammo team chief joked about expecting to see animals come out of the wood line, "two by two".  But, the first pull of that lanyard... the concussion felt in the chest and the thunder in the ground.  I was hooked.

I worked my way up from assistant gunner, to gunner, to ammo team chief, to section chief, to Smoke of Battery, and finally as acting First Sergeant of my unit.  I served my last decade as a Redleg.  In that time my unit was deployed seven times (at various portions, both Federal and state services, and various durations).  We were a band of misfits, but we always got the job done.  The battery motto was unofficially - Call, "What about Alpha Battery?", response, "F___ Alpha Battery!".  We had the reputation of always being on time, always delivering.  Of all the units i have served in, this was the one i felt the least amount of trepidation of going to where the 'air lead density' was going to be significantly higher.When i was presented a framed Guidon from the Battery, it was the best retirement present i think i could have received.

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Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading your posts about your service to the United States.

Deployed in a war or not it is still service and it still is for our protection and our safety!

Thank you for what you and your wife gave up in order for you to serve this country.