Being thankful, Day #21

This may sound unusual, but today i am thankful for a warm bed to sleep in.  Last night (at the time i am actually writing this) it came to my mind.  Now, like a lot of married men i sleep in a bed covered in a heavy blanket, which normally makes me feel like i am encased in a nuclear reactor most of the time.  I guess this is fair, because when my beloved and i bought this bed i picked the firmest mattress i could.  You know the kind that is just a shade softer than sleeping on a slate of granite.  Well, lately - ironically enough - this has been causing us both back and neck issues. Hahaha - anyway, i digress.

Having spent twenty two years in the combat arms, i spent a fair number of nights sleeping out under the stars (a fact a lot of Navy and Air Force coworkers delight in comparing on many an occasion), and one thing i learned early - and this really sounds counter intuitive - was that you need to get out of as much excess clothing before slipping in to that sleeping bag.  Why?  Because, if you sweat and it's cold outside... it's over.  There will be NO way to get warm again.  Well... ever stand outside in your boxers in single digit weather, only to slip in to a cold sleeping bag?  Not likely, unless you are also in the Army or Marines, or homeless.  Well, it is a stark contrast between the cold outside those blankets, and the warmth under them.  I am thankful for the home i have, and that i do not have to shiver to get warm, just to go to sleep at night.

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Anonymous said...

So it sounds like a new bed may be in the works?