Being thankful, Day #25

When i first started this series of thankfulness, i wanted it to help me get back in to blogging some, even if it's just a little bit every day.  I set out and listed thirty different things i was thankful for and figured i would just pick one a day, mostly at random, and blog a blurb.  It has been pretty helpful for when i have been stuck, and while i will not have something for everyday when this month is over, i think i will do a similar thing to what i am doing for my Fallout 3 Wastelander's Journal where i jot down a few bullet items and then take time to flash each point out.  Not sure.  Anyway...

Today i am thankful for modern medicine.  For one, i wear glasses, and without them, i might as well be blind.  I can barely read a page a few inches from my face.  These glasses give me the ability to see and read, and do things.  Dentistry, i have shattered (yes, more than just a chip) at least 3 of my teeth.  Without dentistry i would look like the old prisoner in the dungeon with Aladdin.  And then there is the overall skills of research, etc.  It is amazing to thing that only one hundred years ago the flu could be fatal.  Today, the are skills to see in to the brain, in to the heart, where ever a problem might be.  I personally have survived serious head injuries, broken bones that have been set so they could heal properly, an appendix removed, infections of the blood, etc. that not all that long ago, i would have been dead multiple times over.  I know that the availability of these miracles of science are not universal throughout the world, and i am not all that happy about it.  There are a lot of factors in this, but i am proud to be a citizen of a nation that reaches out to help when disaster strikes.  I am not going to even try and outline the why's and wherefore's of the geopolitical and geoeconomic disparity.  The human body is an amazing machine in and of itself, but the abilities of the doctors of today is also mind blowing.

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