Being thanksful, Day #4

Today i come to my DD3.  Back in September of 2000, my Beloved felt God telling her that He would bring about healing through her daughter.  Well, at the time, we had only the two boys.  When she told me i confided in her that i was feeling led that we should have another child as well, to which she replied, "you don't understand, this is going to have to be written across the sky!"  Alrighty then.  So we both prayed about it.  The boys were too young, so we didn't mention anything to them, but about a week later, one of them said, "Dad, i want a baby sister.".  That floored my Beloved and me.  While we were convinced at this point we had a lot of traveling coming up, etc., so life sort of got in the way.  Thanksgiving family trips, and then my mother passed away.  It was not until early Spring in 2001 before we remembered. 

Where we didn't have to wait long for the boys, DD3 took her sweet time.  My Beloved ended up using about 3 at home tests, all of them came back negative. Then a blood test, negative.  Then another at test negative - all of this within the span of about 2 or 3 weeks.  Finally, a second blood test showed that she was indeed pregnant.  It was about time!  My Beloved was about 6 weeks late by the time of the positive test.  She was born post 9/11, and i was called to active duty when she was less than six months old.  It was a long 13 months.  Four months before returning home, she was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis.  Long story, but this turned out to be a 'false positive'.  While DD3 still has at least two CF "Variant" genes, and her body does not seem to absorb fatty foods, she has slowly grown in to a fine young lady.  She loves to play soccer, and animals.

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Anonymous said...

I can' not imagine not being around my children for 13 months while they are growing. It must have been difficult for both you and your Beloved (PS - Thank you for your service!).

She sounds like an amazing young lady. I am glad she has found things she loves doing! Always helps to matures children.