Being thankful, Day #23

When i married my beloved around twenty years ago, cell phones where big bulky things, with very limited accessibility for the average Joe.  Today, there is practically one for every man, woman, and child, in the United States.  And not just simple 'reach out and touch someone' deals, today's phones can surf the internet, navigate to a distant relatives house, make and check flight/hotel reservations, accept payments for contractors, pay for things, play movies, stream music, and even contain multiple books or magazines to read, almost anything one might want to do entertainment wise.

While i struggle with keeping the space between really loving this tool, and that is exactly what it is, and interacting with the real people around me, i am thankful for these little devices.  In many ways they have opened up the world to me, and made my life easier.

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Anonymous said...

Phones made my online schooling possible when I had to chat with the class and could not be home to do so! Thankful for that!