Being thankful, Day #2

Today, i would like to express my thankfulness for DS1.  I still remember vividly the day my Beloved told me she was possibly pregnant.  I was working the midnight shift at a Ops Center, and trying to carry a full load of college credits.  She was working full time as well.  I was really tired and having a hard time sleeping during the day, so i was really beat.  I am listening to the shower running, and i am almost asleep when she walked in and tells me, "I might be pregnant.  Go back to sleep."

Hahaha - there was no way i was going to sleep that day.  We went to the doctor together, etc.  It was truly life changing.  We had a really hard time picking his name.  His name now is the first name we both agreed on, and in a lot of ways i feel that it really does fit him.  Ever since he was born he has been strong willed.  While we had a lot of trouble parenting him when he was 3, and we jokingly say that he was lucky to survive his 12th year, he has truly matured into a fine young man.  It is really wonderful to see all the things God is doing in his life.  I continue to pray for him, that God would sustain him, and help him as he grows up.

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Anonymous said...

What a great visual you gave with your words! I can just see your Beloved coming into the room to tell you she might be expecting your first baby! Then letting you know it is okay you can go back to sleep now. hahaha

I am so glad your son is maturing into such a fine Godly man!

He must be learning from two exceptional parents!