Ramblin' Fridays

Not sure if this is going to be a recurring theme like my Music Mondays or not, but i think i'd like to use Fridays as a catch all. The day i put out the thoughts i've been thinking all week, but just not posted yet. 8) Last night the Carolina Kittens made another appearance. Ricky Williams ran for over one hundred yards, had two rushing and one receiving touchdown, Jake Delhomme was sacked four (4!) times, and the special teams need to consider riding the short bus to/from games. Ok, that last line was derogatory and really not called for. I know the media is going to be stoking the fires to bench Delhomme and Coach Fox, but seriously this was not a QB issue IMO. Before i go any further... FULL credit needs to go to the Miami Dolphins. They played a great game and took care of the things they needed to, when they needed to. Things are not well in Carolina right now, but a cleaning house is a little much at this juncture. Jerry "Big Cat" Richardson has shown he is not shy about replacing personnel he feels need to be replaced. I only have to look as far as the resignation of not one, but both of his sons this past summer. I just wish the media (read: ESPN and the Charlotte Observer) would stop trying to 'encourage' such change, and let the owner make a clear headed decision. Anyone who knows very much about the corporate world knows that such resignations are more to save face of the outgoing than the company. My Panthers will most likely fail in their bid to have back to back winning seasons this year. C'est la vie - i am still thankful to be able to enjoy football, and last night was fun because i was able to enjoy it with a long time friend. I am officially on the New Orleans Saints bandwagon for this season. They are long over due for a great season. Geaux Saints! I am feeling a little vindicated... not sure if that is the right word or not... anyway, i have been having some discomfort in my right shoulder and arm lately. Stretching... ibuprofen... and alternating hot and cold has not seem to do anything other than provide temporary relief. It's not painful enough to be anything more than an irritant, but it has caused me to wake up a time or two. Anyway, in the past i've complained of such things like neck or knee pain, but so far "they" have never found anything and i've just forced myself to live with whatever it is i am not happy with. I went ahead and requested an MRI (after the insurance mandated x-rays) on it. Today i found out that i have a "slight tear" and some arthritis. The "slight tear" is unspecified so i have a follow up appointment on Monday. This has encouraged me to go ahead and pursue my knee pain more as well... but that will have to wait. Last weekend provided me with a brief window to get on my laptop and "veg" some. I brought up Fallout 3. Ah! Good times. Well, distracting and escapism type good times. A "Game of the Year" edition of the game is now out. I doubt i will buy it, but i found it interesting nonetheless. If i can find a way to download Mothership Zeta i will have the complete game anyway. I've tried to use the Games for Windows marketplace and get completely turned around. I think i've even lost some money by depositing some, but then not knowing how to spend the credits. The one thing that might really sway me... there is a samurai to be found on the mothership! And well... i think you all might be able to deduce my reasons. 8) DS1 and 2 have really gotten into the game as well. I monitor them and their actions as the game really is pretty open (i.e. you can do things that are not very 'moral' so to speak), and the game has given me the opportunity to discuss choices. Why they should do good things versus bad things. Just like the Bible says, "Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6, ESV) The last part above reminded me of a conversation i was having with some co-workers the other day. Our job as parents are to train our children. It does not matter if you are a Christian or not, the role of parent is to prepare a child for being a responsible adult in society. Now, i will be presenting my ideas as a Christian of course. The role of being a parent is non-stop. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year - 366 on leap years. Kids are sponges and they learn without even trying. I confess - i am sometimes lazy, or selfish, and prime opportunities escape me. But we really need to keep our eyes open for those teachable moments. Not just 'this is what you do', but 'this is WHY you do'.

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