Duck and Cover

Today is another one of those days where my attention is constantly shifting. Tis a good thing i have kept a few notes of some topics to ramble/blog about. 8) Earlier this summer my family and i were at Hershey Park and enjoying a wonderful day. My only "issue" was that the sun was blaring pretty hard and my neck was getting toasty. In the past i've work a simple baseball style hat, but even then i would have to turn it front to back and vice versa to keep the sun off my face or neck. Going even further back i once picked up an inexpensive fedora-like hat, but my beloved kept telling me that she didn't like it. Maybe not in a straight forward manner, but she would effectively convey a dislike for the whole idea. Well, this past summer i decided that in this case... i no longer cared about her impression of the hat deal. I enjoy hats, i like hats... i'm getting a hat (this being decided after toasting my neck and face at Hershey park). We were on our way out of the Boardwalk when i saw the "perfect" hat. I stopped the person wearing it and asked about it. "It's a 'Tilley'", she said. I thanked her and hastily scribbled the web site on my 'palm-pilot' (i.e. the palm of my left hand). Now, before i go on i want to say that my beloved is not against me wearing hats. She just is a little self consious of people's impression of me - something of which i care not - LOL. So, after a little on-line searching i found the "perfect" hat for me. The LTM6 AIRFLO® Nylamtium® Hat (pictured to the left). It is lightweight, allows air to flow across the top of your head, has a chin strap for windy days, and has a lifetime manufacturing warranty! They are a tad pricey though. But in the end, when it arrived, i knew it was "my hat". Since then i wear it whenever it rains, whenever i am at a soccer game, or whenever i am just going to be outside for any length of time. I love it. My beloved still struggles with it though. In the end i've told her that it is now a part of me. To love me is to love the hat. I've told her, "the hat plays". 8) Now all i have to do is finish my walking stick that i've made. It is sanded down, decorated. All i need to do is put a thick layer of something on it. lol

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