Friday the 13th - and other unlucky ramblings

I believe i have mentioned this before, but i don't take stock in a whole lot of superstitions. Breaking a mirror, picking up a tails-up penny, a black cat crossing my path, none of that means anything to me. (I wonder if that is why i am a fan of the Carolina Panthers... now that is a BIG Black Cat!) My mother was VERY superstitious. We once made it halfway back to our car when she walked all the way back to the store front and walked back around a pillar because i refused to say "bread and butter". If that was my only rebellion as a child i probably would not have dropped out of High School. For whatever reason though... i've never researched why people don't like Friday the 13th. DS1 has just completed a Social Studies Fair project where he discusses the Knights Templar. There is a train of thought linking the Friday the 13th superstition to them. Something about them being betrayed and killed or some such thing. I also read somewhere that it may be related to Christ being crucified on a Friday, and when you add in the twelve disciples it equals thirteen. Who knows. In any case it is nonsense. Ultimately the only one that controls our 'fate' is God. We liked to think that we do, i mean Science Fiction has many references (No fate but what we make - Sarah Connor), but even then we do not influence outside sources. While we can put our selves in a position to better, we do not control all of the factors - and to say that just because a cat happened to cross your path you are destined for bad luck... you are more likely to put yourself in a bad position because if a defeatist attitude. I have reached where the Author is talking about Thomas J Jackson's time at VMI in the book, Stonewall Jackson: The Man, the Soldier, the Legend. I am eating this book up. Professor Robertson holds nothing back in filling in the details of the various periods of this man's life, blemishes and all. For example he describes on how fearless he was in battle, but how bad of a teacher he was. I am seeing things that help me understand why he did things like keep subordinates in the dark in regards to his intentions. Why he had a hard time making friends. Maybe it's because i am more sensitive to it, but i think it is possible that the man had Asperger's long before it even had a name. What i am admiring most about the man is his incredible dedication to the things of God. He did not rush to join any one denomination, but read the Bible with a completely open mind and then investigated the churches that he came in contact with to see if they were up to what he was reading about. His faith was very dear and important to him and it affected practically everything he did. As i've mentioned before, he was not a perfect man, nor a perfect Christian. But in regards to being a man of faith, in many ways he is one that can be looked up to. I am also enjoying the fact that he entered into the Army upon graduation from West Point as an Artilleryman. This weekend the Panthers host the Atlanta Falcons, and the Panthers are 2 point underdogs in their own house! Well, to be fair, the panthers have been playing very poorly the first six games this year. The last two i have been very happy with their performance. Very few turnovers, and a great ground game, not to mention the defense has been playing very well. They still haven't been able to get very much production out of the passing game, but that might be because they are a little gun shy of the 13 interceptions Jake has tossed this year. Still - i like Carolina's chances this Sunday. Geaux Panthers!

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