It was Tuesday and all through the house... wait...wrong holiday...

My beloved finds humor in a lot of things i do, and the way i think. To be honest here... this has led to no small amount of confusion and consternation over the years ~ on my part. When the latest Star Trek movie came out there was a scene where three crew members are heading out on a dangerous mission. The three people are Kirk, Sulu, and another crew member (the name escapes me). The requirements are people that are 'highly skilled' in hand to hand combat. On the shuttle trip out to where they were going to secretly deploy on an Airborne-like mission, Kirk turns to Sulu and asks him what he is skilled at. I feel the answer is priceless. Without batting an eye Sulu responds, "Fencing". I found this funny because i know of what most "westerners" are going to envision. Two men with Epees held lightly in hand, with their "off" hand held in a curve behind their head, saying En Garde! and touché! When i later told my beloved of my finding humor at this she looked at me quizzically, so i explained to her what it most likely meant in the context of the characters. Sulu is born to Japanese and Filipino parents. While Gene Roddenberry named the character Sulu in order to represented all Asian heritages, the man is still part Japanese. The Japanese sword fighting style is known as 'Kendo', and is often referred to as fencing. This immediately caused my beloved to begin laughing. You see, there was a back ground piece on something we were watching where a commentator referred to 'Kendo' as Japanese "stick fighting" and that had caused an immediate reaction on my part. It was not a grace-filled reaction, and let's leave it at that. Her finding humor in such things used to really go against my grain, but i have learned that she is not demeaning me personally. Such things are just so foreign from her experiences, the normal range of things she typically thinks about that they sometimes surprise her and to some extent baffle her. She finds humor/joy (well, at least i hope on the latter) in seeing just how different i am from her. I often catch her staring at me with a smile on her face... often when i am concentrating on something like how many more miles we have to go and if we have enough gas to get there and how much time it will be until both our arrival and/or when we need gas. So, when Sulu answered "fencing" i knew what he meant and i looked forward to his up coming encounter with the Romulans. I liked George Takei's interpretation of Sulu, but i am liking John Cho's version a little bit more. I am sure it has more to do with the more "modern" version of the movie, but i sure hope to see more of his character in any sequels. I have been with my beloved for over seventeen years now, and i am praying for at least three times that more. I hope i continue to entertain her with such idiosyncrasies for just as long. To my shame i am often not aware of the little things that make her up. I try and pick up on the clues, and sometime downright blaring lights, but i often miss them. This Thanksgiving i am thankful for her practicality, her enjoyment at my 'expense, her beautiful hair, her gorgeous deep eyes, the way she often just wants to be near me, and the fact that her feet get incredibly cold at night and she likes to stick them up against me. She is my biggest blessing on this Earth. She is the instrument in which God uses to make me a better Christian, a better man, a better husband, and a better father. She truly completes me. Thank you Father God for the gift of my beloved. You have indeed shown me favor.


Ms. Coffee said...

You are an interesting man - that is for sure.

Believe it or not - I actually follow your thought pattern here. LOL

You continue to amaze me with your praise and thankfulness when it comes to your family and your wife. They are just as luck to have you as you are to have them.

Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

My ADHD Me said...

Well Hello There!

WOW! What an incredible tribute to your beloved wife. You are both very blessed.

Re "fencing", I must admit that my first thought was the En Garde scenario you described.

You do come across to me as a very unique person. I say that as a compliment. As you can imagine, I've been called unique once or twice (at least) in my life too.

Have a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving!!