In honor of those who have served

I found this over at Monkeys Are Funny (aka My ADHD Me) and felt it appropriate. The splicing is not very good, but the imagery comes through enough. "All gave some, some gave all" is a relatively common saying, but i am not sure it is fully grasped by the public at large. How can it be unless it is experienced first hand? I speak for myself as well. Both of my Grandfathers served in WWII. My Paternal Grandfather served in the Navy and my Maternal Grandfather served in the Army Air Corp (the Air Force now). My father served in the Marines for a time, and my brother is serving in the National Guard currently after having served in the full time Army for fifteen years. Although i served for twenty two years in the National Guard, all but thirteen months of that time has been spent as an M-Day troop. With the possible exception of an annual training spent in Honduras, i have never been in harms way. I have never been under fire. I have never had to fire my weapon in either offensive operations or in self defense. While i am a Veteran, and proud to be one who has served, i do not consider my self as one who has done things like my brother has. He has been deployed four times (that i remember off the top of my head), and he has paid the price in what it has cost him in regards to his family, and to him personally. Thank you to all of the Veterans who have served my country, Men and women. Clerk and Infantryman. Private and General. From the French and Indian War through the current conflicts we are now engaged in. No role was too small.

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