Miami Dolphins versus the Carolina Panthers on Thursday Night Football!

Last Sunday i saw a commercial advertising tonight's game on the NFL channel and it kind of irritated me as a Panthers fan. It talks about the Dolphins' Wildcat offense, etc. and ends with "Here Kitty Kitty" !?! Now, i am just hopin' that the Panthers heard that commercial and are ticked off too!
I have a friend from High School who is a die hard Dolphins fan and we've not had much of a chance to hang out lately. Since i do not get the NFL Network on my TV he has kindly invited me over to watch the game with him tonight. Over the years we've gone back talking smack to each other on pretty much anything we've ever competed on. Even though neither of us are on the playing field he has already started... well, actually he started back in August. A funny thing though... any time i've opened my mouth to return the "volley" it never works out so well for my team. So, this time i've taken the tack of just letting him run with it. To be honest, when i enjoy playing games with him - especially the table top war games. He's better than me. Granted he plays more often than i do, but i like to play against him because i have to think harder, play smarter, and sometimes just plain hope for good dice rolls (which i often get, lending t0 the reason i have the nickname "elf buddy" whenever we do have a chance to play). But tonight neither of us can influence the outcome of the game. We get to just sit and watch while these two 4-5 teams fight it out. One team will go home, head held high for another week at 5-5 while the other team finds itself at 4-6 with only 6 games remaining in the regular season. For some reason all of this is reminding me of the friendly wagers i had once upon a time with a Lieutenant who was a Chicago Bears fan. I still have the nice sweatshirt and large Panther flag - thanks LT. No wager tonight. Just two old friends sitting together enjoying football, but rooting for different teams. I tried to find a link to the commercial i referenced above, the only one i found was silent and that would not do, so for my friend here is the preview for tonight's game.

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