Ramblings yet again (from yesterday)

Not sure what to post about... I had to take my home computer into the shop last night. For sometime the graphics card has been coming less and less compatible with the games my kids like to play. Games they once were able to play - like Lego Chess - no longer work. Then there are the two CD R/W drives that will no longer open, and it could use a good cleaning as well. So finally it takes the in-laws coming into town next month to push me to get it fixed. After all, Jidda's gift from last year just has to work! ;-) That brings up some "honey-do" items as well. I have to paint the stairway and the ceiling where we had to fix a drainage problem in one of the upstairs tubs. I am slowly running out of time. I will either run out of time to fix them normally or I will run out of time to sleep. ;-) I have recently "rediscovered" 'celtic rock'. I am leary of this style of music because of the affinity it receives from various groups. Particularly 'pagans' and some 'humanists', but the instrumental pieces are what I enjoy the most. Flutes, violins, mandolins, harpsichords, etc. Not sure why, but I like these kinds of instruments. One last thing before I run out of time today. Man that was a sweet win by the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. There are still 15 more games to be played, but it's nice to savor such a victory for a week.

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