What a weekend

Last week i heard about Matt Bryant's tragic loss of his 3 month old son. I didn't comment about it last week because what can one say in such a situation. Especially since i do not know the man or his family. I am not even a fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I don't 'hate' any team within the NFL. When it comes down to it, it is just one group of guys trying to best another group of guys in a sport. Even when the Panthers play the Bucs and i want the Panthers to just wail on and dominate them (which the rarely do), i do not despise the opposing team's players - and i especially do not wish for them to be injured, or to suffer such a tragedy. This past weekend i became a temporary Buccaneers fan, to be more specific a Matt Bryant fan. I was glad to see him come in and "take care of business". But what broke my heart, and prompted me to blog about this today, was a picture i saw in the Charlotte Observer (on-line) of a picture of the Bryant family before the game on Sunday. The picture is of Melissa Bryant holding up their two year old son Tre, and Matt breaking down a little. You could tell he was barely holding it together in the post-game interview as well. I can not imagine going through that with one of my own, let alone holding it together in front of any size crowd. But he was man enough to hold it together and help contribute to his team's win. His three field goals was the exact margin of victory. No one would have held it against him, or thought any less of him if he asked to be excused for a game. I know my empoyler has provisions for me to take off up to two weeks if i were to experience such a tragedy. I don't have words to say, but i know that i can pray for him and his family. All the best to you and yours. May you find the strength and courage to go on. Continue to be the man you are for your son and your wife. May God pour out His Spirit to be with you in this time, and may you find favor in the eyes of the Lord.

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