Sleep deprivation and the Sabbath

This weekend was a blur. Not too fast, just that my mind is fuzzy. Our 'retreat' got started Friday evening. Not much to mention but it was nice to get out there and all set up before dinner time. Saturday was where we had "whistle stops". This year our church decided to do more fun related activities instead of deep theological ones. I went to a photography course and the line dancing. The photography stop was a lot of fun. But it got interupted with some thing I needed to take care of regarding my daughter. I got to explore my digital camera some so that I could get to know it's capabilities and all that. The class was given by a professional photographer so that was nice. In the end it was just an overview, and not all that in depth - but that is to be expected for a class that is only 90 minutes long. The line dancing was a hoot! Simple steps, but I could not keep up! And they started everything off on their right foot. Well, anyone who has done drill and ceremony knows that you always start on the left! ;) The afternoon was spent pretty much trying to entertain children. At one point they all wanted to go to the pool. Man was that cold! With 50 degree nights the past couple of weeks it was a numbing experience. Saturday night was fun. We have some talented people who can throw together some skits. Sunday the Pastor delivered a sermon on the sabbath. Good stuff all around. I am pretty fogged-brained right now so... Updates: Hiku Verse for today: Mark 2:23-28, esv One Sabbath he was going through the grainfields, and as they made their way, his disciples began to pluck heads of grain. And the Pharisees were saying to him, “Look, why are they doing what is not lawful on the Sabbath?” And he said to them, “Have you never read what David did, when he was in need and was hungry, he and those who were with him: how he entered the house of God, in the time of Abiathar the high priest, and ate the bread of the Presence, which it is not lawful for any but the priests to eat, and also gave it to those who were with him?” And he said to them, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. So the Son of Man is lord even of the Sabbath.”

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