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Well it has been crazy busy here this morning. Just some random thoughts... The Panthers - Saints game this weekend should be exciting! The Saints are rolling on a 3 game winning streek, 2 of those on the road. They will most definetly come to play and the Panthers need to start clicking on both sides of the ball. To date the exaulted run deffense for the Panthers has been pourous to be nice. On the other side of the ball the Panthers have struggled to convert on 3rd down (2nd to last in the league right now). Steve Smith has provided a spark, but the flames are not all that hot - yet. I still have pretty vivid memories of the Gulf Coast. I would encourage people to make contributions - either monetarily, or of their time - to the rebuilding. I am not a huge fan of the city of New Orleans in and of itself, but it is a part of the whole. And please do not forget the Mississippi coast. I saw devistation 20+ miles in land! The most eye popping thing that comes to mind off hand was billboards... some of them their bases several feet in diameter... just bent over like a piece of tin. When we travel through the valleys of life we are not alone. We need to survey our suroundings and enjoy the process just like we do when we reach those peaks and enjoy the green pastures. Some things on my desk at work... 1) a desk fountain - I enjoy the babbling sounds, and it is relaxing to listen to and watch while dealing with things. 2) a picture frame with several out of date photos - I really need to update them. 3) a samurai sword letter opener - a symbol of my faith in Christ (to me) 4) a binary clock - why? well, because I really like being thought of geek, but it is also helping me to translate binary a little quicker. Unfortunately, with IPv6 on the horizon I am going to need to brush up on hex soon. I wonder if they have a hex clock? Hmm... 5) a magnetic Panthers logo - well, because I am a Panthers fan. 6) Although it is not here yet... I will be bringing in my little statue of Gollum. Not because I am a Lord of the Rings fan (which I am), not because I really like Gollum - but because he is sort of a represntation of man's struggle with sin, and its affect on our lives. Well, I need to wrap this up for the day... for those who come by thanks. :) Updates: None Verse for today: Psalm 134, esv Come, bless the Lord, all you servants of the Lord, who stand by night in the house of the Lord! Lift up your hands to the holy place and bless the Lord! May the Lord bless you from Zion, he who made heaven and earth!

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ALP said...

Very interesting...

It isn't always easy to look around and give praise where we are at in life. This past month though I have made an effort to do just that.

Amazing what we can go through and where we can end up.