Pure Church: Getting Fit for Heaven

While purosing blogdem - specifically the links to blogs I have, "Pure Church" hit home with the question, "...would you be satisfied with heaven if Christ where not there?" Now, I am of the belief that the Spiritual gifts are a part of what Christ has for his church today. Not that the gifts are to be sought after as a replacement for Christ, or the experience a substitute for Christ Himself, but a outward expression of what Christ is doing. Reading through this blog today really got me to thinking. Are we - am I - in search of these gifts over Christ. Something I believe every Christian refering to themselves even partly as 'charismatic' needs to contemplate. Enjoy the link and the discussion... Pure Church: Getting Fit for Heaven

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Miskaj said...

Thanks! ANd hope you come again! It
is good to have friends stop by! Yes searching for HIS gifts is a way to get closer to HIM and to be like HIM if we yield to HIS Spirit in all we do. Thanks again for the visit to my BLOG! Katie