Dog the Bounty Hunter and Mexico

Last night I watched "Dog the Bounty Hunter: The Family Speaks". Now I have liked this guy for a while. I was happy to see him practicing his faith before the cameras - unashamedly (...everyone who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven... Mathew10:32). Now there were thngs that would make me cringe as a Christian too. For example - him living with Beth for so long unmarried. Now, I do not know the mind of God in regards to what He considers as a married couple. Just that I do not think that those who profess Christ should be living in the same house - having 'relations' - without a formal legal cerimony of some kind. One thing I know for sure is this... that not everything I believe in regards to my faith makes every other Christian entirely comfortable either. I have said this before, but I will say it again here. I am sure that when I stand before the throne of God there will be a great many things that I firmly believe that will be shown to be nothing. In the end - all I have is Christ, and Him crucified for me, raised again on the third day. But "Dog" is a stand up man. He is unashamed to prefess his faith in Christ. He will hunt down those who have gone astray from the law - and then just as soon as he has them in 'custody' he is doing what he can to help them - if they are willing to receive it. He is willing to help them seek counsiling for addictions... help them get legal help... help them in their family relationships. Now, I don't know all that happened down in Mexico other than what I have read on-line, and seen last night. "Dog" did do a good thing. He went out and took down a convicted serial rapist and brought him to justice. But he did not do it legally. Mexican law does not allow bounty hunting. For "Dog" to detain this guy and then 'race for the border' is illegal in the nation of Mexico. So he was arrested. Now I am not sure the exact nature of the reasons "Dog" was arrested for, but it seems at some point he left Mexico and returned home before the procedures where fully completed. In the end "Dog" and his "posse" got nothing for the apprehention of this man. They were never paid the bounty for the capture of this man because it was done illigally. Although it did help propel him to national attention and help launch the show that made him know to me - and I am sure many others. Last night I witnessed what his poor family was going through. And I can only imagine the depths of the pain and worry they are going through. But even in this situation the Lord is using this family to reveal His mercy. A guard in prison told "Dog" that nothing happens without a reason - that the Lord would not bring him this far to just deliver him up. My little blog here is beginning to ramble now. A weakness of mine. But my point in all of this is that I would like to say that the Lord is in charge. All authority of rulers has been given/allowed to them by God (to include those in Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc - but that is for another discussion). We are under the authority of those under whom we are ruled. I think "Dog" does indeed need to see this through and not expect any special consideration. I do not know the reason for the timing of his arrest. I do not know what the American and Mexican governments are doing behind the scenes. But I do know this, and I belive the Chapman's know this too, that God is in charge. That he has their best interests at heart. There is nowhere that He takes "Dog" to, there is no valley that "Dog" goes through that He is not with him. All things are for the good of those who love Him, and and are called according to His purpose. And in the end it will all bring glory to the name of God. Updates: none Verse for today: Proverbs 20:1-5, esv Wine is a mocker, strong drink a brawler, and whoever is led astray by it is not wise. [1] The terror of a king is like the growling of a lion; whoever provokes him to anger forfeits his life. It is an honor for a man to keep aloof from strife, but every fool will be quarreling. The sluggard does not plow in the autumn; he will seek at harvest and have nothing. The purpose in a man's heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out.

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Bob said...

It's really funny that you mention "Dog". Dog is from town I live in. I had a brother in law that was of less than stellar reputation. "Dutch" lived with us for a while and he brought these two friends of his over to the house one evening. One of them being Dog. All three were real druggies and I told Dutch to never bring those guys to my house again. Dog was real scuzzy and the other fellow, Donny was worse than scuzzy. A year or so later Dog and Donny are arrested for murder. Seems a drug deal went bad and Dog and Donny knocked on this guys front door. When he opens the door Donny shoots and kills the guy. One of them had a girl friend that was with them, she made a deal with the DA to escape prosecution. Donny was convicted of the murder, Dog an accessory. I never heard anything of him again until the episode in Mexico. Now I see the guy on TV. Only in a America.