Replacement Ramblings

For whatever reason March caught me totally off guard.  Not only the month of March, but for some reason Monday blindsided me as well.  I have a lot of spinning plates going right now, and my focus has been just really splintered.  Maybe this has something to do with it:

I know at least one of my readers is also privileged to have ADD, and some of those who stop by probably have read that i take Strattera to help me stay focused.  I think that is kind of ironic.  I am supposed to focus enough to remember to take a medication that helps me focus. I also have some employment changes coming up.  Change tends to really upset my "cart" if you know what i mean, but to use that funny video above to help me give an example... on a "normal" day, even with the Strattera, my brain pretty much moves from 'box'-to-'box'-to 'box'. Eventually something in the one 'box' reminds me of something in another 'box', so i 'close' that box and put it away and move on to the next 'box'.  Some days i actually make it to the ' nothing box', but then something in my visual senses triggers a memory of something else and i move on.  On the days, or weeks where i've not been all that consistent (especially in the morning) in taking the Rx the movement from one 'box' to the next 'box' tends not to be as neat and tidy, and well... things get pretty jumbled.  Anyway, what i was trying to say a while back was... i do not have a song for my Music Monday offering today. 8(  So, i apologize for that.

The past two weeks, for those who live under a rock, my family and i have been enjoying watching the Winter Olympics.  There are some really exciting sports to watch.  DS2 (our Aspie) really enjoyed watching the 1/2 Pipe, and the Speed Skating.  For me i tend to watch whatever is on the TV, but a thought kept crossing my mind and i am wondering... who else thinks Silver is cooler color than gold?I know Gold is more rare, and thus more "precious", but there is something about silver that is just completely cool to me.  What little jewelry i do own is all silver or silver in color, except my wedding ring of course.  Platinum is pretty cool, but i don't recall if i've ever seen it all polished up.  Silver is still the coolest. 8)  Even white gold, cool, but not quite there.

When i was a kid i remember going across the street to some kind of General Store (not the Dollar Store like place today, more like an old time Woolworth or Five and Dime) and spending my allowance (when i would actually receive it that is) on various models.  My favorites back then were the snap-build kind because they didn't use any glue and i could put them together pretty quickly (they also tended to be cheaper, and that was helpful).  Eventually this hobby matured to the point where i would pick up some battleship model, or an WWII style tank.  Just before my life really spiraled out of control in the 9th grade i had several prominently displayed in my room (those and  my soda can collection).  My favorite piece was a Sheridan Tank that i really took my time on.  It was the first time i actually trimmed off the excess plastic (or flash), and painted the details.  I even took the time to highlight areas so it would look more weathered and "used".  After that i sort of gotten bitten by the modeling "bug".  Life and time conspire to make this a real back burner hobby, but it smolders and 'flares' up from time to time.  Well, it has started to get warm again. 8)
I went through several boxes in my basement but i hard a really hard time finding all of my modeling tools.  It got to the point where i believe i was really emulating my Beloved (she hates losing/misplacing thing).  Finally, last night i cleared a spot off my hobby table so i could spread stuff out.  Anyway, this is a long-winded way of talking about my intentions of re-collecting an Imperial Guard Army.  The great thing about picking this up again is that i already have a good "base" of supplies and models to start with and the models are all plastic now.  Very easy to work with.  I don't really care if i ever play Warhammer 40,000 again, i just like building models and this ranges all of the key elements i like.  Science Fiction, they remind me of my time in the National Guard, they are readily available, they are easily customized, and it fills a desire to build models.  Yet another way for me to express some creativity and spur on my desire to write short stories.

The image i used for the Imperial Guard reference is from Games Workshop. This is not an image of my own work, and i have linked the image to their website.


Ms. Coffee said...

What a ramble today! Good thoughts though overall.

I hope you keep some of those thought meds at work for when you forget at home!

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Enjoyed your post - especially since hubby is ADD. Loved the video!