Friday Ramblings and youthful influences

When i am unsure what to write about i've made a list of things to pull up.  Today may be shorter than i had originally intended because it's just been a whirlwind of spinning plates and juggling spoons.  Anyway, let's get started...

I don't remember exactly when i saw the movie The Razor's Edge (1984), but i know it was sometime after 19-October 1984 because that is when it was released.  It must have been in the theater because i don't remember watching it more than once.  I remember being captivated by Larry's struggles.  Billy Murray did an outstanding job.  I was sucked in watching this privileged young man left everything behind to go and serve in World War I, and how that war changed him.  Opened his eyes in many ways.  The movie is not an action packed Bourne super thriller, but i didn't need or want that at the time.  Larry comes home to see just how shallow (he and) his peers were.  From there Larry pursues the meaning of his life and enlightenment. It really spoke to me.

When i watched this movie for the first time i was not yet a Christian, but there are certain truths that resonated.  Happiness is not going to be found in either the pursuit of, or possession of, wealth.  That an honest day of work can be very gratifying.  I don't remember how the movie ended, and i am reluctant to run out and buy it on DVD, but i am pretty sure i would like to at least Netflix it.

While waxing nostalgic i looked it up to re-familiarize myself with the movie.  I can "feel" the Budhist and New Age overtones and am amazed once again at what God has done and worked through to reach me.  This is not the only movie that the main character is seeking to seek spiritual knowledge that God has used in my life, and yet i have not been drawn to the undertone of such spiritual knowledge.  For whatever reason God has given me my heart's desires in such endeavors in my relationship with Him.  And for that i will eternally grateful.  Although, i still struggle with my own efforts (thank God for grace).

I need to wrap this up for today, but i have been made aware of the re-release of the book "The Holiness of God" by R.C. Sproul. For me this book is something i have wanted to read for some time... but i keep piling books up on my nightstand... the bookshelf is bare, but the nightstand is going to injure someone someday.

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