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My inner "Geek" is enjoying the anticipation of the next Tron Movie. When i was on active duty the 20th Anniversary of the original movie came out on DVD and i made it a point to pick up a copy when the price came down a notch.  Disney has been working on, and will be releasing, the next movie Tron Legacy.  It will come out in theaters on 20101217.  This may be a movie i actually go out of my way to watch on IMAX somewhere. LOL  When my beloved and i took the family to Disney World a few years ago i spent a good amount of time looking for the Tron trading pin, only to realize that a limited release pin is only available on line.  Well, i am hoping to repeat said trip later this year, and i will be on the lookout for the new pins for this movie.  I did eventually find one, and it is proudly displayed on my badge lanyard for work.  I wanted to share the trailer here, but you will have to visit the official site (http://disney.go.com/tron/) if you want to see more, or become a fan on Facebook (click on 'become a fan' to the left).  I can; however, post a picture of the painted up Monorails from Disney.  This is a picture from their Disney Parks blog.

My writing of late has been somewhat sidetracked.  I've been able to get some progress made, but i've gotten a little discouraged as i have realized that, although many have told me they like my stories, i am unable to expound out the detail found in so many published books (such as Kal Jerico : Lasgun Wedding). I am not sure if that is a bad thing or not.  Since i am not worried about being published it may not be, but if i ever hope to be so...)  Anyway, it's sort of caused "writer's block' as i find myself wanting to expound on the ideas i have for the next couple of installments (which are already written, but not put out for reading on the web), but just not sure how to do so.  I hope this blockage clears up soon... i am running out of "queued" material.

For at least the past ten years my beloved has been asking me to go get a sleep study done.  Several times she has woken me up from what i thought was a deep sleep to let me know that i was snoring, or that i had stopped breathing.  To be completely honest i was skeptical of the breathing part.  The snoring part i always thought that was just a part of sleeping.  Finally, about a month ago i broached the subject with my doctor because i was feeling pretty run down but no fever, etc.  He referred me to a sleep study clinic and my first study was about two weeks ago.  A few days later i get a call from the doctor's office to ask that i come in for my follow up the next day.  I thought that they just were not aware of the follow up appointment i already scheduled for four days later.  No, they were aware of it, but would like for me to come in the next day anyway.  Turns out, not only do i have sleep apnea, but apparently i also experience 'nocturnal seizures'. 8| A second sleep study, with a CPAP machine showed improvement with the apnea, but it also confirmed the seizures.  I am scheduled for a follow up with a Neurologist in the coming days.  I could blog about this for sometime, but needless to say this has me concerned.  But i have also been reminded of all that God has brought me through to where i am today.  It is all in His hands.

Last night, on my Google Reader, i saw a blog entry from Joshua Harris titled "Bad Idea: Minding Sin More Than the Savior".  Now his blog entry is a quote from Thomas Brooks' book "Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices", but the quote he used really got me thinking.
"The first device that Satan has to keep souls in a sad, doubting, and questioning condition, and so making their life a hell, is by causing them to be still poring and musing upon sin, to mind their sins more than their Savior; yes, so to mind their sins as to forget, yes, to neglect their Savior, that, as the Psalmist speaks, 'The Lord is not in all their thoughts' (Psalm 10:4). Their eyes are so fixed upon their disease, that they cannot see the remedy, though it be near; and they do so muse upon their debts, that they have neither mind nor heart to think of their Surety. A Christian should wear Christ in his bosom as a flower of delight, for he is a whole paradise of delight. He who minds not Christ more than his sin, can never be thankful and fruitful as he should."
This hit home for me.  I am all for owning up that my own sin is what caused Christ to have to die upon the cross, but i have not always taken it through to the next step and beyond.  The salvation that His death on my behalf has procured.  His grace, His mercy, his gift.  This is what i hope to meditate upon further through the rest of the week.  Thank you Pastor Harris for sharing that.

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