Lonely Friday

Coming back to work after vacation is tough. When i leave on vacation i shift gears. I think if i paid attention i could feel my body and mind relaxing, but then when i come back i have ramp back up again. It's not an easy thing. Today is harder (even though it is Friday) because two of my co-workers (there are five of us in my group) took today off and i am hitting a wall. The workload is not all that bad, it's just my mind and body wants to take a power nap! *chuckle* But there is just enough things to do to keep me busy, and we have a pair of interviews for an internal promotion this afternoon. I have the privilege of creating the technical questions. My favorite one that i've come up with is, "What is Layer 8 of the OSI model and what is its function"? My beloved and i have had a rough week, emotionally, this past week. So on Wednesday night i told her that we would though fish sticks in the oven for the kids and head out for a movie. We caught the 1915 showing of Star Trek. I really like this "reboot" of this franchise. I have a few friends who are refusing to watch it because they feel jilted because the movie changes things. Isn't that like having a "sacred cow"? Besides, this enables the writers liberty to come up with a whole new set of fresh ideas to explore. I mean, it's Science Fiction people. You have to take it with a grain of salt and check your sense of disbelief at the door as it is. I've said it beofe, but i am going to say it again... i am really looking forward to the release of the computer version of Blood Bowl. I may even play it more than Fallout 3 simply because it will be a turn based game that can be interrupted more easily. I am still having fun exploring the Capital Wastelands, but i usually have to have at least two hours to dedicate when i sit down to play it. I have pre-ordered the digital copy of Blood Bowl and will be able to download it in about a week. My plan is to download it straight to a thumb drive so it will be easier to transfer and play on my laptop which i keep isolated from the WWW. My beloved has the gift of hospitality. She loves to have people over, to fix food for them, to fix meals for friends and/or families who are having a rough time and taking it to them. She just seems to know instinctively when to reach out to... well, be hospitable. She has really helped me grow in this area. Yesterday when i got home she was telling me that she would be going to our old church to help out with a reception for the family of a woman who was murdered earlier this week. She was acting like i might be disappointed because it would be taking away a Saturday afternoon from me, but i reassured her that i was not upset or disappointed at all. You see, we've known this woman for almost two decades. Her son went to school with our DD3 this past year (such a sweet little boy ~ he often gave little gifts to our daughter). I still remember back in the early 80's when a cousin of mine was murdered. I such at personal mourning. I have very little in the way of knowing what to say or do to comfort those who are grieving. Even when my own mother passed away i remember not feeling all that sad. Don't get me wrong, from time to time i find myself missing my mother and feeling a little "down", but i struggle with the all out grief ~ and in many ways that makes me feel disconnected from the human race some. Still, i pray for those who grieve and do what i can. Earlier this week my beloved asked me what i wanted to do for Father's Day and i honestly hadn't thought about it. You see, this will only be the second Father's Day i will be home since becoming a father in 1996. Every other one i have been on duty with the Army National Guard. It feels really good to not have to worry about the drill weekends anymore, to be able to spend more time with the family, but i would not have traded on one day of my service. I truly enjoyed serving and feel privileged to have been able to serve. So... i still don't know what i want to do... but i am going to enjoy being home. May God richly bless you all, and to any Father who stumbles upon this little blog: HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!


Ms. Coffee said...

My oh my - where to even start with comments!

Oh I had to chuckle at the Layer 8 question! I bet you just would never believe the amount of times I have had a Layer 8 issue! LOL

I think it is great that you recognize that with all going on this was a rough/emotional week. Especially since you struggle with knowing those feelings. You reached out to your beloved and that was a wonderful thing to do for her!

You and your games! I think you use games to prevent yourself from writing! LOL I am just kidding. I am glad you have something you can do that takes you away and gives you "me" time.

I think for Fathers Day you should let your love know you just want to be with them. It won't matter what you are doing with them. Go for a walk, play catch, go bowling, watch a movie; just spend time with them. That is all that is going to matter.

Happy Father's Day my friend!

My ADHD Me said...

You and I on the grief thing.... I know EXACTLY where you are coming from. I'm there!