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I am so looking forward to this evening...why? Because it is the first time since my beloved and i have had kids that we can take a vacation in the month of June. Until last year my annual training was almost always scheduled in June so we would not be able to take off until July or August. I am so looking forward to taking off and leaving my work behind for the next week. I am hoping to get some writing done, and some Fallout 3 played. 8) I've been having the desire to get some of the whirlwind of ideas and characters down and organized within the outline i have been working on. I've started a prologue, a sort of near beginning chapter and some character defining lines - so that i can picture the characters in my mind while i'm writing. In the meantime i am not sure how much, if any, blogging i will get done. If i play Fallout 3, then i will take some notes for my gaming blog for when i get back. I am still waiting to hear how i did on my writing contest entry that was supposed to be over mid May. There have been some technical issues delaying the results, but even then another moderator said that the results were to be posted yesterday... which i've not heard anything on that yet. Hopefully soon. Before i dash out the door... i saw the miniature pictured to the right and i immediately thought of a way to write in a new character for my book. *lol* That's all i have for this week. See y'all when i get back, 5 pounds heavier and a little more tan. May God richly bless each of you until we "meet" again.

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Ms. Coffee said...

Here is to hoping you are having a great time on your vacation!

Can't wait to hear how the writing went and the gaining of weight! LOL