Music Monday - 20090629

My beloved and i have only been searching for a new church for about a month now so in some ways it's too early to get very frustrated, and yet... Maybe we are just too sensitive. We are not ones to jump from church to church, but we are having trouble with being comfortable with sermons that center around man. It's hard for me to put into words a decent example. But, for us, an example would be when the sermon has a concept and then has several verses interjected to "support" the theme. We experienced this again yesterday, and one of the verses was used out of the context of the surrounding scripture. This has unfortunately not been an isolated experience. When this song came on at the end it was like a breath of fresh air to me.
Amazing grace, My Chains are Gone How sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me I once was lost, but now I'm found Was blind, but now I see 'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear And grace my fears relieved How precious did that grace appear The hour I first believed (Chorus) My chains are gone I've been set free My God, my Savior has ransomed me And like a flood His mercy rains Unending love, Amazing grace The Lord has promised good to me His word my hope secures He will my shield and portion be As long as life endures (Chorus) The earth shall soon dissolve like snow The sun forbear to shine But God, Who called me here below Will be forever mine Will be forever mine You are forever mine (Chorus 2x) Amazing Love, Amazing Grace Amazing Love, Amazing Grace
One reason i think i am becoming too sensitive to the whole deal is the lines where it refers to God being "forever mine". When it comes to that does God really belong to us, or do we belong to Him? I realizing that this is splitting hairs and all, but after that sermon those lines stuck out like a ore thumb to me. I don't want God to be 'mine' in the sense my soul rests on how hard i hold on to Him... i want my soul to belong to Him. I am finite, He is infinite. I am weak, He is strong. But this song is not about us. It is about His Amazing Grace, and not our amazing works. Anyway... we are in search of a church where the gospel is proclaimed, and not how to become a better person. But how God is making me into the image of His Son.


Ms. Coffee said...

This is something that was a new concept to me. I mean the concept that I belong to God and no matter what works I do - He loves me (not exactly what you are saying but)...

He is using everything in my life to shape me. He loves me. He is my father. He is amazing.

I was raised to believe that "my works" was what determined my salvation.

I hope you find a church that is based upon the Gospel but can make it relevant to today's world but focusing on the Word.

Praying your home is found soon.

Also - amazing song. I find myself when I am feeling beaten down singing this song - even when it is not on the radio.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

It's a tough place to be in. People say you have to give a church (unless there's a glaring reason not to) at least three tries before completely counting it out.

And my spots are from sun block, not self tanner!

My ADHD Me said...

Finding a new church is a very difficult thing to do. I'm working on the same thing.

"Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than going to the garage makes you a car."
I like that