Music Monday - Wednesday Edition

Today is getting off to a pretty good start. Around Midnight last night my beloved woke me up (i hadn't been asleep all that long). She needed to communicate something that was important to her, and i am glad that she did. I know i need to work on my communication skills and fortunately this was not one of those "intense times of fellowship". Afterwards there was a 'gentle' thunderstorm rolling through our area... which was really cool. After she fell asleep i stared out the window, prayed a little, until i fell asleep. Then this morning i dragged my sorry fore-quarter-contact out of the sack and headed over to the gym. Now, i haven't been in over six months (sarcastic comments welcome, and expected), but it feels great. I've added ten minutes on the elliptical to replace running because this old soldier's knees can't take the pounding, and there may actually be some old "war" wounds in there. For example, i have no problem with the leg press and knee bends (where the resistance is bending the knee), but on the leg extentions i can only do about 10-15 pounds... and on the leg press and the leg extension i have to do each leg individually. But to end this portion with an ADD moment... i got to work and started a pitcher of ice-tea... only i failed to remember to put the tea bags in as i was distracted because i was refilling ice trays. LOL Ok, on to the music portion of my Wednesday edition of music Monday... I think i may have found a new music group to slip into my top ten, maybe top five, favorite bands ~ Gaelic Storm. Yesterday, while i was listening to Pandora (only the greatest thing since sliced bread) an instrumental "duel" between a fiddle (violin) and bagpipes came on and grabbed my attention. The title of the song? Samurai Set! I mean come on! Gaelic (Irish Folk Music) Storm (i love thunderstorms!) - Samurai Set (Really? Do i need to explain this one?) - Fiddle Playin', Bag Pipes, Irish Whistle... can it get any better!?! Well, at least for me. 8) Here is a You Tube video of the song i am mentioning here... I am still checking out their other songs to see if i will really move these guys into my Fave 5. *chuckle*, but so far i like their music. Oh, and on a side note... they performed some of the songs for the movie Titanic. Ok, some past due venting here... The Unit was canceled! What's the deal with that! I know all shows eventually come to an end, but i thought the shows wrapped up fairly well. Well, except for Molly Leaving Jonas! Major bummer there, but then i've heard that the divorce rate in spec-ops units is pretty high. There is a joke that you can't get promoted beyond a certain pay grade unless you've been divorced at least once. Well, that's all i put down to ramble about for today. God bless...


Ms. Coffee said...

I totally agree about The Unit! That really is a huge disappointment! I enjoyed that show a lot.

The group. Never really knew their name but have loved their music for a long time. I actually bought the Titanic CD for their music! Funny how you would find them now and the name of the song - priceless.

I am glad you and your beloved had some actual communication that went well! YEAH! I mean I know there are times when you communication without issues but it is nice to know that you were able to communicate something important.

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Gaelic Storm is "bomber!" Who knew a violinist and a piper could go head-to-head and that each could hold their own?!