The whirlwind of life

Do you ever feel like you are tilting with windmills? Maybe a more "American" idiom might be chasing shadows. Perhaps neither of those pictures are adequate because i am not being proactive at all. Lately i am barely keeping my head above water as i react to things around me. And for someone who struggles with ADD (even on meds) this is not a good thing, because once you get ramped up to deal with all of the incoming missiles you have a very hard time slowing back down again once the pace begins to slacken any. You get so busy looking for more that the "plates" you successful started to spin are now beginning to wobble, maybe even crash to the floor, only you're too busy doing other things. Right now... i am on "high alert" looking for the incoming that i am having a hard time focusing long enough on anyone thing to complete it. The past couple of weeks i have missed at least one day of work. The past couple of weeks it's been sickness (either myself or my beloved), yesterday it was the case of having to fill in for my beloved on my son's field trip to Annapolis, MD. We had already paid a lot of money for both DS1 and her spot and we would have had to forfeit both spots without refund so i went ahead and used up a vacation day. The weather was great and we had a tour of the state capitol building, and i managed to learn a few things. 1) I had not realized that General George Washington resigned his commission to prevent him from being declared the King of the new nation he helped fight to organize - that was done in the very same State Legislative building. 2) Annapolis was the Nation's Capitol for a period of about 9 months. 3) The current Maryland state flag is a combination of two representations. The yellow and black come from the heraldry of the first Lord of Baltimore, George Calvert, while the red and white bottany cross was from Lord Baltimore's mother's family. The Black and Gold wear carried by the units that remained loyal to the Union, while the red and white were carried by those who were loyal to the South. A better history can be read here. I was able to dicuss a little but about Maryland's history in the Civil War with him... not applicable to Annapolis, but an interesting side bar. For those who follow tennis, Rafeal Nadal lost! Has the world just come to an end? He won thirty one straigt matches on the clay at Rolland Garos. He was a monster on clay! But alas all good things must come to an end. For eight weeks each year i become a "tennis widower". Some women complain that their husbands abandon them for 17 weeks each fall, including my very own beloved. That was i pointed out something. Football is predominately played on Sundays. Each game is 3 hours long. On Sunday there are 3 games, and another on Monday nights. Then there are about 5 weeks where there are Saturday, and/or Thursday games so.... nine hours of footbal on Sundays, plus three hours on Monday night. That equates to about fourteen hours of football per week for 17 weeks... 238 hours total. Then let's add in the extra weeks of Thursday or Saturday games - 5 weeks of about 7 hours of football (averaged out)... another 35 hours. The we have the play offs... the first and second week of playoffs there are four games for another 14 hours each week... plus 28 more hours. Then the championship weekend... plus 7 more hours... then Super Bowl weekend - let's add another 4 hours. Grand total 311 hours of football, approximately. Well, each "Slam" event runs approximately 15 days, with coverage lasting up to 10 hours per day, at least through the quarter finals, then lets say another 6 hours on semi finals through the finals. So in one "Slam" there is about 135 hours of coverage, now multiply that by three (i am not counting the Australian because most of the coverage if from like 1AM until noon), and that equals over 400 hours of tennis! Who is getting the Lion's share here! Hmm! 8) I have so much more... but i am out of time for today...

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My ADHD Me said...

I feel like I could have written this post! (except for the tennis part).

And it seems like things have been worse lately for me too. (the time of year maybe...I don't know) I take the maximum amount of meds allowed by the FDA for ADHD yet most of the time, I am, as my doctor puts it,Still Very Symptomatic.

I do my best and try to keep my head above water but some days I feel like I am sinking...glup glup glup (that is the sound of someone under water.)....

Opps, Monkeys are funny.

Anyway, I am hoping the fog lifts for you soon. Maybe your doctor can up your meds a bit.