Misc. Monday thoughts

This morning I came downstairs, running a little late, to an argument between Son #1 and Son #2. Apparently there was a disagreement between the two as to what time it was. Deadpan my beloved turns to me and says, "never teach an autistic child how to tell time". I couldn't help it - I started laughing - hard. :) Both the Falcons and the Saints lost this weekend. All the Panthers have to do to keep things really interesting in the NFC South is to beat the Bucanneers. In prime time, and having won the last seven out of eight games... the Panthers are in for a sail shreeding. Look I am a Panthers fan, but I've been punched in the gut far too many times to not be a little pessamistic. They need to win tonight, and again next week against the Rams. The season is going to be ratcheted up a notch for the Panthers in the 2nd half: vs. Tampa Bay, vs. St. Louis, @ Washington, @ Philly, vs. NY Giants, vs. Pittsburgh, @ Atlanta, and @ New Orleans. IMO the Panthers will have to win a minimum of six of these games to make the playoffs. It might be down with five - but I doubt it. If the Panthers go 5-1 going into those last two games they will need to split them at a minimum. I want to believe, I am suseptable to believing this is possible, but I will not be betting the house. Last night our church had a special Veteran's Day service. Although I was encourage to go and sit in the service I found myself not wanting to do so. Although I have been in the military for 20 years it has been as a career reservist. With the exception of being called up for a year all my time has been as an "m-day" soldier. The year I was on active duty I spent it searching cars and trucks on a domestic base. I have never laid my life on the line. I have never been shot at - never even been in the vicinity of hostile action. For me to equate my service with those who have served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, or any of the "actions" during my term of service... well, it is just not concievable IMO. I am a "veteran" in name only. I appreciate all of the encouragement I receive from those who know I serve, and from those who have seen me on the streets... but I just do not feel worthy to be honored alongside those whom have truly been in harms way. Updates: Hiku - I am also working on several short stories... just not sure I have enough time for them all Verse for today: Psalm 61 : 4-5, ESV Let me dwell in your tent forever! Let me take refuge under the shelter of your wings! Selah For you, O God, have heard my vows; you have given me the heritage of those who fear your name.


Susan said...

Great post. I laughed at your wife's comment.

You are very important in your role as reservist, I thank you for doing the job you do so that the others in the military can do the work in other parts of the world.

samurai said...

Thank you - that is very kind. :)

I'm sorry about the Panthers beating the Bucs again last night... well not too sorry. ;-)