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Setting the "way back when machine" on circa 1990... i was reminded of my times on the sound crew of my first church this morning. Part of my duties at my current employer is being on-call, and from time to time i am actually called in the middle of the night! Can you imagine! (jk ) This morning was one of those deals. But that is not what this part of today's blog is about. Way back when i was a fairly young Christian the church i attended did not yet have a home of their own and in order to get ready for our services each Sunday a team of volunteers were needed to set-up/take-down all of the sound equipment needed. It was on a month long rotational basis. In order to be completely set up for the worship team to have a last minute rehearsal we met very early (my mind is saying 0500, but it might have been later than that) at a storage location where we had to load up two small box trucks (picture pickup chassis and not a 10-wheeler deal) and cart it to the High School where we met at, and get it all set up by 0800. I LOVED it! Back then i did not own my own car, but two very nice 'sisters' who also served on the crew would come and pick me up. These poor ladies were NOT morning people. Unfortunately for them... i am . I loved climbing up into the ceiling to help install the speakers. I loved running the cable to/from the sound board and the hookups. I loved the team work. I loved the hours. I LOVED the work! This past Sunday "my" Panthers went down again, but i was glad to see that the offense was greatly improved. Even up to the last play of the game. The Defense was unable to stop the Atlanta Falcons on 3rd down. Argh! I am only frustrated in the sense that they are my team and i want to see them win, but in the end it is only a game and i don't care enough to let it ruin my week. I was really happy that John Kasay kicked a 50 yarder. Just incredible that he is still booting them that kind of distance! I am not sure what i am sharing this next little tid bit, but it is sort of related to my previous mention of how i like Elves (can be read HERE). Way back when there was an independent Comic Book titled "Elf Quest". Being an "Elf Lover" and an avid comic book fan back then i was of course drawn to this title. Early on a very small background character was mentioned... Rain the Healer, he met an unfortunate ending but an enduring legacy in my little circle. This guy was not all that big of a character in the storyline. As a matter of fact, i am not sure he is even mentioned anywhere else except for two little panels early in the story. But it is the situation that stuck with us... and struck us funny in a twisted sort of way. He was the groups healer, their medic... and when the fat hit the fire he was the first to drop. Not good. Still to this day, over 30 years later i remember my friends and i joking every time one of our healers took a hit we would repeat the line, "His name was Rain, the Healer... and he was the first to fall!" It is weird what one remembers. I've been thinking about some of my on going temptations. Sins that continue to haunt me for lack of a better word. Every one of my brothers and sisters in Christ is in the same state, although we do not all struggle with the same sins. Some might struggle with pride, others selfishness, maybe it's greed. I bet if you were to meditate over the Ten Commandments you will find something your heart and mind struggles with. For me one is covetousness. I want want my neighbor has... i want the things that the Lord has not allowed me to have. Over the years i have struggled with porn as well. And it is for good reason because "enough, is never enough". In essence i am saying that what God has provided is not enough... that what He does not know what He is doing in my life. Last night my beloved and i watched a show called Hoarders. While i was appaled at the scale of these people's problem i could not say that i would never be like that. Growing up my own home (whenever we stayed in one place long enough) was similar. Even today i go through seasons when i just get the urge to buy things. By God's grace i am usully able to resist buying those things... especially things i and my family do not need. but not always. I had come to think of it as a thorn in my side, similar to Pauls's affliction in 2 Corinthians 12. Apparently i suffer from my own pride as well because it really isn't anything that 'deep'. My own "weaknesses" do not compare with all that Paul went through. By God's grace i am able to resist and grow and learn from temptations, but there are days when i long for when "He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away." (Revelation 21:4, ESV)

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Susan said...

You hung speakers even when you were "visiting" that location??? Wow!! I have been there with set up and tear down and it can be grueling.

Yeah football is looking AWFUL right now for me.

The "covet" thing is so hard for so many people. I really think for more than actually admit it. I think it goes along with being an American in so many ways.

Dealing with these things is so freeing, though, isn't it???