Praise God for all things BIG and small

A little while ago i mentioned about a friend from church who's 5 year old daughter had been diagnosed with Leukemia, well today their Caring Bridge update says that the doctor is saying that she is officially in REMISSION! Praise God! I know she still has a long road to go, but the fact she responded so well and so fast to the treatment gives a really good hope for the long haul! \o/ Another good piece of news is that my co-workers wife, the one who is a quadriplegic has been much more responsive and interactive with the doctors. She too has a long way to go, but this was a vast improvement over last weekend. I have sent him an e-mail with the link for the song below. For some reason i felt compelled to share it with him... The Panthers finally traded for a DT. Louis Leonard from the Cleveland Browns. Since i don't follow the other NFL teams as closely as the Panthers i am not sure how hopeful to get. I am just glad that the Panthers have made some kind of move to shore up the middle on defense. I've read that this fellow started all 16 games last year so that is a most definite plus. In other news i also read this morning that the "Big Cat" basically gave the axe to his own two sons within the Panthers organization. Talk about the lack of nepotism! Personally i feel that this is a great move because apparently the two sons were fighting (that's impossible... brothers never fight... right Dan?) and it was beginning to affect the chemistry within the organization. It showed that Mr. Richardson was still in charge and he was taking charge. Last but not least for today... i read that a deal is close in regards to the lawsuit against New Line Cinema by the Tolkien estate. If true and it all works out, this is great news for the fans of The Lord of the Rings movies and those who are hopeful for the upcoming Hobbit movies. With the lawsuit out of the way the road clears up considerably for the filming to move forward! There is not much in the way of what God has been doing in my life of late. That's not because He is not doing something, but because i am still trying to process things i am learning, and things i feel He is showing me. May God be seen in, and through, all of the things i do.


Ms. Coffee said...

Aaron Shust has some amazing songs! I love his CD! I saw him in 2005 (or 2006) before anyone really knew who he was. Fell in love with the songs immediately!

I am so happy to hear that all of the friends/families are doing better. I understand there is a long way to go for all of them but any improvement is worthy of a huge praise. Even staying even keel is worthy of huge praise!

Susan said...

Praising God with you for these healings and testimonies.