Music Monday - 20090921 - and other randomness

Of late i have been desiring to grow more passionate about my relationship with Christ. (Last weeks blog is HERE.) One cannot be passionate about things unless they spend time pursuing and thinking about it. Although i have had this song on my Music Monday blog before (ironically almost exactly one year ago) it is where i am at again this morning... unless the Father calls i am unable to respond (John 6:44)
Draw me close to you Draw me close to You Never let me go I lay it all down again To hear You say that I'm Your friend You are my desire No one else will do 'Cause nothing else could take Your place To feel the warmth of Your embrace Help me find the way Bring me back to You You're all I want You're all I've ever needed You're all I want Help me know You are near
So, i have been working on drawing close to God by reading Living the Cross Centered Life by CJ Mahaney, i have been thinking about the things of the cross, and a lot of my prayer life has been centered around what Christ has done for me on the cross.

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Ms. Coffee said...

That is a great song! I sat here singing it and so was my littlest monkey. Of course the only one of us whose words you could understand were mine but still.

I find myself praying more (as probably do most people) when we are in crisis. Lately though I have realized I talk with Him more than I thought I did. Which makes me happy.

I really have to work on reading His word more.

Baby steps I guess.