It's like sitting underwater

Wow, what a week. On Sunday, just before we went over to a friends house for a BBQ (which was awesome BTW) i suddenly felt VERY tired. I laid down and took a nap and then felt fine. On Monday i felt it descend like a blanket of snow on a Norman Rockwell painting... the dreaded summertime cold. That thing knocked my off my feet pretty much till yesterday. I am still feeling a little worn, but much better. As a result i am way behind on work tickets, blogging, and even my writing which a good friend has encouraged me to get off the fence and pick up the hat i already threw over! lol Today is off course 9/11. Eight years after the day international terrorism struck home. I still remember where i was, what i was doing, and how my life has changed since that time. God willing i will pick up my ramblings next week.

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My ADHD Me said...

Hope you are feeling better. I just realized, after reading your post, that I didn't get a summer cold this year. Praise God. They are worse than winter ones. In the winter when you are sick, at least you can curl up in a warm blanket and feel snug. In the summer it is just TOO hot to have a cold. Did you here me? I said it is TOO HOT too have a cold. So tell that cold to go away now!!