Burning the midnight oil

The thought just came to me, 'where did that saying come from, and why do we actually say it'? Now, i sort of already know the why, but not so much the where. And to be honest, i don't care enough to look it up. Anyway, i have another midnight shift for work and the list i made to keep myself busy for these two nights was completed yesterday morning at about 05:30, so there is less to occupy my mind and time this morning. That makes me worried since i will have a harder time getting through the early morning hours this time. I am very, very thankful that i live only fifteen minutes from work. I just talked with the building custodian. I've met him before, but we don't get much time to chat. His name is James and he seems to truly enjoy his job. Which is rare now a days, especially within the service industry. Have i ever mentioned before that i am addicted to flair? More specifically the flair on Facebook. I don't know why, but i browse it at least once a day. I have 150 virtual pieces of flair, but i must give more than i receive because i have over 2000 flair points, but i can't help myself. One thing i definitely like is that i can use them to spruce up the ol' 'dojo' up while i am writing these incredibly boring entries. I've also created over 20 pieces of flair to share with my friends and the general Facebook world. They are not all listed in the directory (for example one of them is a friend who did not give me permission to share his image, but he looks so cool playing the trumpet... so i shared it with him), but most of them are not all that popular. The one thing that is irritating is that i can only share 56 of them at a time on my Facebook profile. What's up with that! Oh well, if nothing else it will help expand my gallery of meaningless 'art' to post here to help entertain the handful of readers that happen by - as well as those faithful regulars - thanks guys! With a little less to do, and even fewer people around to talk to, i have some music playing (a Tull song just ended, and now i am listening to Your So Good To Me by Sovereign Grace Music), and i've brought some material to read: The Book "The Elements of Style" by Strunk & White, to help me improve my writing; some research material on the 'book' i am writing (i am not sure how to refer to it since it will most likely never be published); the Prologue for said work in progress - this is a piece i've started to help me visualize where the main character has come from; and finally some miscellaneous reading material if i should run out of other things to do. One reason i am confident that my work will never be published is that it is based within a setting wholly created by a company known as Games Workshop (specifically, within the scope of Necromunda). They are highly protective of their intellectual property - as well they should be - and unless i can polish it well enough for their division known as the Black Library, it will never see the light of day (so to speak). Anything is possible, but i like to keep my expectations low, and then if God would so allow, i can be excited. It's ok if my little work is never published because i really do enjoy writing, and more particularly i like writing within their setting. One of the characters that will be in my 'book' i've been writing about for several years now. His name has morphed over time, but the 'person' is the same. One reason i like to write stories within the settings of GW's games is i enjoy playing out a scenario on the table top and then incorporating it into the story i am writing at the time. If anyone is interested, i self 'publish' them on-line at "Samurai's Yarns". The latest work there is a short piece i typed up to help me get an idea of what my characters look like. One last piece of rambling before i have to get up and stretch my legs ~ my beloved is getting away for a couple of nights with some friends this weekend. She was reluctant at first but i had to really encouraged her to go. It would be nice for her to get a break from the routine around the house. Yes, i am jealous of her being away from me and wanting to be there with her, but she really needs to get away for a bit. While her headaches seem to be getting to a manageable level (with the help of allergy shots and some other meds) i feel the change in scenery will be really good for her. Now it will be my job to make sure that not only are the kids delivered to the other end alive and whole, but that the house is not in a shambles and her feeling like it all went to pot without her. She already knows we need and rely on her, i just don't want her to feel like she can't go away without her husband letting the house fall apart. While i've been typing up this paragraph i've been trying to figure out a way to elaborate just how much it feels like God has been doing between us of late ~ but i don't think i could do it justice. I am also scared that i will some how ruin it. Our marriage is not perfect, but i can honestly say that my worst day spent with her has been far better than i had ever hoped for before i met her. Neither of us are perfect, but God did really give me a wife who completes me in a human sense... and by far, i've received the better end of this arrangement. I still remember the first day we met, the sun, the conversation, how i felt. It still took God's hand to gently push me (and some Divine intervention ) , but fourteen months after we met we were joined in marriage. It has been over sixteen years, and i am praying that we are not even a third of the way through it.


asacrificeofpraise said...

haha. i like the flair about writing because the characters won't leave you alone. i know the feeling. :)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

You can't go wrong with Strunk and White.

samurai said...

I love the book... but i am wishing that i paid just a little more attention in English class. :/