Friday Ramblings

My mind is all over the map today so, sit down, strap in, and enjoy the ride... In these rough times i have considered adding "Ad Sense" sense here to my blog. I have no idea if it will really generate any income because i really don't have too many readers. Besides, i think it may interfere with my hyperlinking to everything under the sun. If anyone has an opinion on this please take a moment to share it with a comment below. I need to confess something to my readers here... i am addicted to Facebook Flair! Perhaps you've noticed that my pictures have all been round - well, at least mostly round of late. That's because i love flair! I have almost 200 pieces of flair on Facebook, and over 2200 credits. It's become an obsession. LOL I have even created over a dozen individual pieces. My most popular has 70 adds so far... not anywhere near the top 10, but... i check on my creations at least once a week, think of new ones to try and make, and search the top ten pages probably at least once a day. The next time i fast something i think i seriously need to consider facebook flair. 8) Recently i was invited to come on a battlefield tour of Sharpsburg (Antietam for my Yankee readers) with the officers and senior NCO's of my old unit next month. Unfortunately my beloved has a Ladies' crafting day scheduled with several of her friends. I actively encourage her to take such days away from the house. It helps her unwind and spend time with people in adult conversations (because we all know how well we men do at it). Well, i had also been invited on a similar tour of the Gettysburg battlefield last month. Unfortunately that weekend my beloved was on a Ladies retreat getaway, and i was also only given a single days notice. Well, this time i made arrangements for my wonderful children to spend the night at friend's houses so that i would get the opportunity to go this time. I have been wanting to do a non-self guided tour of these battlefields since i learned about them in my grade school history classes. I replied to the young man who invited me and told him that i'd be there. I started to look into getting a replacement battery and memory card for my Kodak z740. Then yesterday i realized that one of the homes that my children were to spend the night and day at was that of one of my beloved's friends who will be going to the crafting day. *sigh* So, as of right now i am back to not going... but i am not going to give in yet. On Tuesday the NFL released the regular season schedules for all of the teams. The Carolina Panthers have three prime time games, plus one game against the Washington Redskins, so i will be able to watch at least four games. There are a lot of things going on, but i am not an insider - nor am i a prognosticator. As a Panther fan from the beginning, all i want is a 9-7 season. That would give the Panthers their first back to back winning season - ever. Last year i was wanting an NFC South championship and they delivered! So, here's hoping for at least a 9-7 season. Last night i hauled my laptop out to DS1's soccer practice, hoping to get another 250-500 words done on my story for the competition (mentioned earlier this week). Well, i stared at the screen for about five minutes and realized i needed to just clear the head and brought up the games folder to play a round of solitaire when i saw the icon for Virtual Villagers. Bad move... that game is highly addictive. It's not a really face paced deal, but it has problem solving and little bit of Sim-like interaction. In the end i got NO writing done. 8( Wow... well, i will probably pay the $9.99 to download the full blown version... but for now i have to study for tonight AND get the last 500+ words done on the story so that i can get it turned in on time. Ok, i was all set to wrap up today's blog when a co-worker sent me the link for a YouTube clip. I had heard about this new singing sensation in the UK, but i had never bothered to try and track down the clip everone was talking about. Well, there it was before me and so... i clicked the link. The guy who sent it to me said that he cried when he watched it. Me, being the tough sceptic thought, "whatever". I am here to say that i was proven wrong. I admit it... my eyes watered up some. I was not able to embed the clip here because that option was removed by request - but... i highly recommend you click on the link here: Susan Boyle - You Tube Click from "Britans Got Talent" - I have watched this clip three times already. I cannot endorse this clip enough... WOW!
Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. ~ Philippians 4:8, ESV

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