I need help

How many of you out there have seen the movie Office Space? Raise your hand... come on, don't be shy. Ok, hands down. How many of you remember the scene where Joanna (Jennifer Aniston) is getting chewed out for not taking to heart the "Flair" concept?
Joanna: You know what, Stan, if you want me to wear 37 pieces of flair, like your pretty boy over there, Brian, why don't you just make the minimum 37 pieces of flair? Stan, Chotchkie's Manager: Well, I thought I remembered you saying that you wanted to express yourself.
Well, way back somewhere my friend "Big Mama" sent me my very first piece of flair, and it has been all down hill since. That was March of last year. It was slow at first. I was able to control myself. I'd add one or two pieces of Flair, maybe share a piece or two. Then the "makers" of the flair app on Facebook added a second flair board to display your flair. So, all of a sudden i didn't need to pick and choose which pieces i could put up. Now i had enough room and i could expand my collection. Later on, i found out i could not just collect other people's flair, i could create my own! WHAT! So far i have created 28 different pieces of flair. Some i have shared with my fellow Facebook addicts, some i haven't. My most popular creation has a mere 70 adds, while the least popular (and still listed in the search engine) have just 1 add - mine. But that has not stopped me from searching for new pieces of flair from time to time. For example, i took some "which ____ are you most like test" for fun. Afterward i thought the result funny enough i searched out a piece of flair that matched the result and added it. Other times i will just search through the top 10-20 pages of flair for that day. If something reminds me of one of my Facebook friends, i send it to them wether they have the flair app or not. *snicker* Or, if i spot one that strikes my fancy i just add it to my collection. Here is a peek of some of my favorites... Each one of them has some meaning to me. Counting from left to right (1-5), top to bottom (A-D)... A1 - DS2 struggles with Aspergers. I love him so dearly, and he tries so hard. A2 - I love music and if i am doing any kind of project i HAVE to have some kind of music playing. So much so that it is fairly common for me to have a song pop into my mind first thing in the morning, and throughout the day. This is sort of my incentive behind my Music Monday entries. A3 - I enjoy Celtic 'weaves', and i am also fond of the 'trinity' symbol. A4 - Come on, you chuckled when you saw this one too. Admit it. A5 - This one just made me smile. I don't really have voices in my head. Yes you do! No I don't! Now be quiet! B1 - There is just something about the rain. I love being out in it, i love running in it. I enjoy doing almost anything out in it. B2 - Fallout 3, enough said. B3 - This piece says it all. Jesus is my Lord. B4 - I LOVE flute music, and my most favorite music from when i was in my late teens and early twenties, was Jethro Tull. B5 - This piece of flair is a picture of the passion i feel for my beloved. C1 - This is a rune symbol combining Tolkien's initials. I love his books so... C2 - Love Kanji - again, it expressing my love for my beloved. C3 - This was the first piece of flair to represent my beloved. She loves Monet. C4 - In the Artillery we had a saying, "Once you pull the lanyard you can't get the bullet back". This is true with the words that come out of the mouth. C5 - I love to write, and when i really get going my fingers fly as fast as they can, but of course mistakes occur and i've found that i've even left out whole sentences/ideas. D1 - Have you ever just gone for a walk with no destination in mind? I love those kinds of walks. D2 - This is a snapshot of one of the statues outside the Carolina Panthers stadium. I love those statues, and i love the Panthers. D3 - This was made from a snapshot of my Honorable Order of St. Barbara award. D4 - I love music... like i said before... and this represents my desire to actually learn how to play the irish whistle D5 - This one was one of the first pieces of flair given to me... also given to me by "Big Mama", and it makes me smile. I am a little concerned... the application's developer is working on even more flair boards! So, then i will have even more room to display my flair!


Carmen Gamble said...

I'm not a flair person myself, but I loved A4 and also D1...and I hate to admit it but D5 tickled my funny bone too...is that okay? ;]

samurai said...

No, not wrong. Just sick, in a silly sort of way.

BigMama said...

The movie is one of our favorites (looking up laundering money in the dictionary is my personal favorite scene!), and I love the flair! Lots of great things there. I really like D3. Nice.