Oh what a night

With this being "Music Monday" where i normally choose a song and then blog about it i thought i'd try and at least use a line from a song for the subject line. Unfortunately things are weird today. I did not set an alarm clock for this morning and i woke up when i was supposed to be leaving for work, while my brain seemed to be working fine each of the three times i fully emerged from slumber last night it was completely clear, but then this morning it was quite foggy. Work too, has conspired to keep me from trying to come up with a good song to share. So, instead of just throwing something up i thought i'd just blow it off instead. I survived being a temporary "single parent" over the weekend. My beloved had the opportunity to head out to the ocean with a couple of friends and we took them up on it. She had a wonderful and relaxing time. For me we were too busy for the time to lag. The kids were great and when it came time to get the house in order they did a really good job. For my part i managed to keep them fed and healthy. Saturday evening we went to go see Monsters vs. Aliens. DS1 (who's 13) tolerated it, while DS2 has done nothing but quote lines from it since then. DD3 liked it, but had problems with the "mean" alien. Well, what can you do. Speaking about movies... Wolverine comes out in a little over three weeks. When i was a kid he was my not favorite mutant right away. Cyclops was way cooler. That beam of energy coming from his eyes... awesome! But then, as i got to know Logan over time he really grew on me. He was not just some animalistic berserker barbarian. He had a history, and motives, and a personality that really kind of spoke to me. I am looking forward to this movie more so than any of the others that i want to see in the theater in May. I am looking forward to getting a glimpse of his history some. There is so much to pick up out there that i could never afford to pick it up. It doesn't help that he is so popular among the masses either. The Star Trek rebirth looks intreaguing, but if i miss it - so be it. The other movie i "must" see in theaters is of course Terminator: Salvation. I am out of time for today...

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