The dark side of midnight

When i awoke from my nap last night i had an idea that i wanted to blog about it... but several hours later i can't remember it. :) I will try and write whatever idea i have later today... if one comes to mind. Right now my eyelids are burning and my temples are throbbing. The night air is very cool... very pleasant to breath and is quite refreshing. But when you tucas is planted in a chair, in an overly warm cube where several pieces of equipment is being "burned in", on a conference call where no one is talking... ouch! :-) May each of you enjoy God's grace, mercy, and a palpable sense of His incredible love for you this day. May the fluid in my eyes put out the fires that are just under my eyelids once i climb between the sheets and sweet slumber embraces me... and may it last for at least six hours, hopefully a full 8. ;)


Susan said...

Praying for rest for you!


Ms. Coffee said...

I hope you got some sleep today! I know you have another long night coming up.

samurai said...

Thank you both... i had some decent sleep... it's not the same as the normal time... but i slept pretty much from 8 until 4:30... with a few interruptions... now i just have to get through this shift... :)