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I've been dealing with growing pains and my new MP3 player (right). I am amazed at just how much it can hold even though it is 'only' a 2GB model. I love the sound quality, the ease of the controls, and how quickly this old fogy was able to pick up the basics of loading and use. I'm sure there are others out there who would better utilize it than I could, but I am happy with my purchase. I've even ordered a pair of "Skullcandy" ear buds for my tiny ears. I need the softer, more flexible, inserts to hold them in while I workout (more later). I've also ordered a 'skin' to protect it from my greasy/sweaty hands, and an armband, again to work out with. Last night I passed on my old stick MP3 player to DS1. He was happy to get it even if it wasn't an iPod, or a player as cool as this one. We fiddled around loading up his own music, and me showing him how to use it. Speaking of working out... Although I haven't done it yet, I will be signing up for a gym membership in the next week or so. I really want to get into shape. I am not going to go out and run a marathon, or weight lifting competition, but I do need to drop 20-30 pounds, and I want to live for a nice long time to collect on any retirement I might get. ;) Besides, I used to love to run, and even if my running days are behind me, I want to feel healthy again. The decision is down to either Gold's Gym, or a local "Wellness Center". There are a lot pro's a con's to both. I am actually leaning towards the local gym even though it's a little more a month. I like the 'coziness' and the proximity to my house - but I am leary because I have heard they "ask" you to get off of the machines after 35 minutes or so. I have plans of using said machines for up to 45-50 minutes once I am in shape again. I dunno, and it might sound silly, but I am praying about which one to join. A lot of people have been asking me how it feels to be out of the National Guard. To be honest, it still feels the same. I haven't even missed a single drill yet, but there is a sense of excitement that I do not have to go to drill this month. :) I am sure that feeling will wain in the coming months. Maybe not till next year, maybe never, but for now I am enjoying it. I have arranged to meet with two other 'old soldiers' who retired with me (within 30 days of me) for breakfast in September. Mostly to make sure we keep in touch. I also found out that they did not receive anything other than their orders to be transfered to the retired reserve. That was disappointing, especially since I received the unit's Guidon from our two week annual training this year nicely mounted. Since then I have arranged to right that wrong for them - even if it comes out of my own pocket (which I don't think it will, and ssh... it's a secret). I still haven't seen "The Dark Knight"! I know it's not the be-all, and end-all, of movies, but I am into the Superhero genre of movies, and I really liked "Batman Begins". Something as 'big' as this movie and you'd have thought that I'd have been there already - but no... My story has sort of lagged behind lately, but that's ok. I have been away on vacation, we had VBS, and my beloved's birthday is coming up pretty soon - so I have been a little busy. One of my WWW (blogging) friends recently asked about this, and was encouragingly nudging me to not let it fall by the way side. I still have all of my notes in 'hard copy', but I really want to get them into my 'Liquid Story' program. (For any of you writers out there I highly recommend this program.)The graphics are mostly to sell the product, but it is possible to insert them to help the writer visualize what they are working on. The program is also highly flexible in how the writer chooses to use it. I love it because I can 'flesh' out my notes on the characters and line up my outline (as much as I have so far) in a way that is helpful to me. Last, but not least by any stretch of the imagination, is that God has been working on me. Helping me learn how to set better priorities. I am a slow learner, but... oh look, something shiny.... Verse for today: Proverbs 1 : 1-7, ESV The proverbs of Solomon, son of David, king of Israel:

To know wisdom and instruction, to understand words of insight, to receive instruction in wise dealing, in righteousness, justice, and equity; to give prudence to the simple, knowledge and discretion to the youth— Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance, to understand a proverb and a saying, the words of the wise and their riddles.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.

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Why 2nd Cup of Coffee? said...

I love coming to your blog. It's really different from most I read, which I'm sure is due to your masculine viewpoints on life but also just your peaceful, steady commentaries. I think it's wonderful that you would take the time to take action to right the wrong for your fello--Guardsmen? You are way cool with you IPod. I have abandoned my MP3. I just run with no music. I hope you find the right fit in the gym for you. I used to love to go, but it became too big a "thing" in my life, so I had to cut it loose. I do love being outside. Anyway, I'm glad to get caught up here.