Music Monday - 20080520

Ok, I know... I am a day late. But I have a good reason. It's because I took yesterday off. :)

Over the weekend I could not get this song out of my head. It played over, and over, and over... and not in that annoying kind of way. I ended up downloading it so I could listen to someone who was actually a good singer, sing it. LOL

Agnus Dei
by Michael W. Smith
Album: Worship - 09/11/2001

For the Lord God Almighty reigns

For the Lord God Almighty reigns

Holy are You Lord God Almighty
Worthy is the Lamb
Worthy is the Lamb

You are holy
Holy are you Lord God Almighty
Worthy is the Lamb
Worthy is the Lamb


I remember when I first purchased the DVD for this album. I won active duty and feeling kind of lonely around Christmas time. The entire album has left an impression upon me and I like to put the DVD in when I am pittering around the house. I guess the song came to my mind because this weekend was another drill weekend, and I am running out of those. The lyrics really do not reflect the power of the music. The lyrics are powerful, but when you feel them in your soul... music has a way of filling you with the words. You feel them for a lack of a better word. One thing has come to mind however... can you be this "worshipful" when it is just you and God? When it is just you and the Lord, singing with no one else - or even those you are not familiar with - around? I confess that I have a harder time when I am around those I am not 'comfortable' with. And when I am alone I sometimes struggle to stay focused. But, I still love to sing and praise the Lord.

I love music, I love to sing, I love to hum, I love to whistle. I once tried to teach myself how to play the keyboard, but got discouraged (in only two months). If I had more time I'd like to think I would take music lessons. I am almost jealous of Phil Connors (Bill Murray) in Ground Hog Day.

I hope you all had a grace and peace filled weekend.
Verse for today:
Psalm 42 : 1-4, ESV
As a deer pants for flowing streams,
so pants my soul for you, O God.
My soul thirsts for God,
for the living God.
When shall I come and appear before God? [2]
My tears have been my food
day and night,
while they say to me all the day long,
“Where is your God?”
These things I remember,
as I pour out my soul:
how I would go with the throng
and lead them in procession to the house of God
with glad shouts and songs of praise,
a multitude keeping festival.

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